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Crickets to Members


Crickets to Members Course – 5 Online Webinars

Date: Every Tuesday from 19th October to 16th November 2021

Time: 5pm to 6pm London Time

Please Note:  All sessions will be videoed so if you can’t make one, two or all of the sessions, the link will be sent to you, so you will be able to catch up or watch them at a later date.

Course Content:

Let’s set the scene!!  You have completed a challenge, a webinar, Facebook ads or other launch to your Membership site and you hear “Kerching”, “Kerching”, “Kerching” as your mobile phone goes with people joining your membership!!  Then your mobile phone goes quiet for a few seconds, and oh my goodness there it goes again with more “Kerchings”, “Kerchings”, “Kerchings” as even more people join. Doesn’t that sound and feel wonderful!!

I am going to be running a 5 session online course with a workbook for each one, all about how to make that happen and by the end of the course you will have run a challenge or webinar or other idea to try to bring in members.

This is what we will be covering each week:

Week 1 : The message you put out to social media, to your email list, to Facebook ads etc to entice people in making sure it is relevant, exciting and just what your members want.

Week 2: Is your avatar really your avatar, and will they really buy?  Let’s make sure that you are really aiming your membership at those people who need and want you.

Week 3:  The different promotions to entice and attract your members.

Week 4:  Making sure you are ready to run a successful challenge

Week 5: Keeping the ball rolling, what have we learnt and getting our next promotion ready.

This course is run by Danielle Lloyd, who has just had her first few members coming in the door to her membership site, and will be helped behind the scenes by not one but two business coaches.  This course is very practical, hands on and will support you in trying to get members through your door.

Come and join us!

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