The Expert Teacher has been teaching for many years.  They are confident with running classes.  They observe and assess other teachers.  They are innovative and not afraid to take risks.  They want to support other teachers in their subject specialism.  They want to run a department of teachers.

Action Steps

These are the specific actions that you need to do to reach your goal


These show the progress you have made

I will…

      • Join the TEA community Facebook group and connect with other new teachers, pose at least 3 questions and answer 3 and share my experiences.

      • Go through and choose from the many TEAtorials and Resources and create my own curriculum, that will support me with my CPD, and my goals. Use the workbooks, fill them in and amend the templates to suit me and my classes. Complete the ‘test your knowledge’ quizzes and use the resources to support me further.

      • Ask the Agony Aunt for help with any questions or queries. Read what other teachers have written and give them the benefit of my experience.

      • Visit the TEA virtual Staff Room and read about other teachers who have shared their experiences. Share my own experiences.

      • Consider doing my ‘Diploma in Education and Training’, my ‘Master’s in Education’ and/or my ‘QTLS’.

      • Consider different teaching and learning strategies to support my learners to really engage my students to achieve the best that they can.

I have…

      • Connected with likeminded people on the TEA Facebook group.

      • Viewed and learnt from the many Teatorials and Resources that will support me with my goals and my CPD.

      • Asked questions of the TEA Agony Aunt, who is there to support me throughout my learning.

      • Visited the Staff Room

      • Considered attending The ‘Diploma in Education and Training’ course, the ‘Master’s in Education’ and/or my ‘QTLS’.

      • Used new and different strategies to teach my sessions with good results which I have shared with my peers.

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