We delve inside the teaching bag of TEA founder Danielle Lloyd to see what her essentials are.

Don’t forget you can always share your teaching bag essentials with us too. Email us with a picture and details!

Danielle says…

‘This is my basic pack. I always carry what’s in here, adding in other things when I need them for certain groups or classes. A lot of the items here will be in your bag as well – with perhaps a couple of surprises…


  • File
    This has everything from lesson plans and hand-outs to the usual paperwork


  • Box of pens
    All different colours, sizes and shapes
    (Tip: keep your whiteboard markers separate, so they are easier to grab, and remember tissue to rub them out. Don’t use yellow because you can’t see it!)


  • Blue tack
    I like to stick stuff on the wall and get students to stick work up too


  • Bottle of water
    Absolutely essential to keep hydrated! You never know if a venue will have drinking water facilities or not


  • Extension cable
    I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve turned up to a venue and there’s only one plug socket or it’s really far away. You always need at least two sockets.


  • Playdough
    This is my surprise item. You can do so much with it! It’s a great icebreaker and there are loads of games you can play to engage students, especially if they are nervous.


  • Magic Paper
    You must get magic paper! It sticks to any surface and becomes an instant whiteboard. No need for a bulky flipchart and no panic if the venue doesn’t have a board. It will stick to anything. You use whiteboard markers and you can cut it down to any size. You can even cut small bits for learners to use at their desks.
    (Tip: If it has lost some of its ‘stick’, simply rub it on the carpet and – voila!)