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“You can upskill as a teacher by addressing the exact areas that you need to address. It can teach you — right from scratch — how to teach the subject you care deeply about, or it can just improve a certain aspect of your teaching.”

Helen Stockton

Frequently Asked Questions

If I’m teaching a class or working on content, and I need support and help, how do I get in touch with TEA for support?2021-09-10T10:18:54+01:00

There are a number of ways to get in touch. You can send in a question for the Q&A webinars, contact me through the “Contact Me” page, ask me a question through the Agony Aunt query page in the members area, or post a question on the Facebook page.

How is this different from the Times Educational Supplement?2021-09-10T10:17:15+01:00

Although membership to TES is free, you have to pay for all content ad hoc once you’re in the doors. By joining TEA at one monthly or annual rate, you will have unlimited access to the methods, practices and techniques to enable you to teach in the way your students like best with the warm support of a team of experienced faculty of professionals.

I don’t even have a teaching business. Is this going to help me?2021-09-10T10:11:52+01:00

Yes. TEA will help you start from scratch to learn how to teach and share your passion with other people, so that your students will learn in the way that they learn best. TEA will also teach you the skills you need to learn how to earn money while sharing your passion.

What are the events included in the membership?2021-09-10T10:13:19+01:00

Before COVID-19, TEA hosted biannual professional development events and live networking events throughout the UK. Due to COVID, we are considering shifting to virtual events. As a member of TEA, you’ll receive discounted access to these events.

I work in XYZ industry; is that covered in TEA?2021-09-10T10:13:42+01:00

TEA will help you with any problems that you may have while you’re teaching, to include how to keep people engaged, make sure everyone’s included, and get your students “Eureka!” moments. With TEA, you’ll learn how to get your students to come back for more and more because they just love learning from you. TEA covers all subjects across all industries by enhancing the teaching skills you already have.

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