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A straightforward way to take your training skills and course up a gear. With all the support you need to improve your technique and develop your confidence.

So, you’ve taken your students through their first handful of workshops or lessons – well done. Getting your first few classes out the way is a huge hurdle any new coach has to break through, and you’ve done it!

Many Newbie teachers find that they really enjoy their first classes once the nerves go, so how did they go for you?

They often give you a chance to test out your approach and teaching style and discover any teething troubles when it comes to your course content. If this sounds familiar, how would a tailored course targeted at this very stage of your teaching career help you?

Designed by adult educators to give you the tools to successfully set up your course, with laid out lesson plans and a way to assess your students properly.

Introducing: the TEA Newbie Success Path

The TEA Newbie Teacher or Trainer Success Path gives you the templates, practical guidance and peer support you need to further develop your lessons into classes your students will love, come back for more, and often pay more for.

Whether you’ve already taken one or two classes, have experience as a teaching assistant, or you’re an entrepreneur involved in Continuing Professional Development – the TEA Newbie Teacher or Trainer Success Path will give you the information you need to continue your teaching practice.

Split over five levels; the TEA Newbie Success Path covers the following subject areas:


Initial Assessments

Find out the starting point of your students to effectively plan and tailor your teaching to your student’s needs and expectations.


The Teaching Cycle

Understanding the structure of where each lesson starts with the 5 stages of the Teaching Cycle, and you’ll never go wrong.


Aims and Learning Outcomes

This is what you want your students to achieve with your overarching Aim for your lesson and then break it down into learning outcomes showing how it will be achieved.


Teaching Methods

How do we mix up our teaching with a variety of activities so that our students remain interested and engaged with us and really learn and progress?


Lesson Planning

Writing a well thought out, well-structured lesson plan will ensure that you cover what you need to cover, discuss what you need to discuss and help you be more effective.

Allowing anyone with even just a small amount of teaching experience to:

  • Improve and develop their teaching practice
  • Write compelling and useful lesson plans
  • Develop a more inspirational way of teaching and assessing students

Plus, become part of the thriving TEA community. Speak to both Newbie and established teachers and trainers, learn from their experiences and ask as many questions as you have in our private support group and monthly live teaching and Q&A sessions.

All for just £12.50/month or £120/annually

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What’s Included?

Personalised, structured curriculum through our TEA success path.

Resources, templates and checklists.

Videos, workbooks and quizzes.

Live teaching / Q&A sessions.

Private community group.

The TEA Agony Aunt.

All delivered at a pace that suits you with full support from our trainers and the TEA community, with no timeframes or limits; simply dip into the resources as and when you need to.

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Our Teaching Experience

Launched in 2018 after over 25 years in the teaching profession, our founder Danielle Lloyd has supported hundreds of student teachers with their professional development.

Danielle has seen it all when it comes to new teaching, and training methods so decided to pull the best of these approaches together to form the TEA Newbie Teacher Success Path, aimed at giving Newbie teachers a step up into the teaching profession.

Designed to teach others how to teach and train adults, the support provided by TEA surrounds their core mission, to equip all new teachers with the techniques, skills, and methods to teach adults with confidence.

To ask Danielle anything about the TEA courses or content, feel free to email her directly at: or phone her on her direct number 07958369987.

TEA Newbie Teacher Success Path

“It’s a relief when you get your first few lessons under your belt. While it feels like that was a huge step, the next stage of our teaching journey is probably the biggest of all – you now need to take this experience and turn it into a set of lessons that make your students come back time and time again.

This is how a solid reputation for your teaching methods and style comes into play. Which is why this stage of the TEA Success Path, which focuses on fixing up your lesson plans, is so important.”

What others are saying about our membership:

“This course delivered a vast amount of knowledge, information and learning in a very organized and enjoyable way.”

Ready to Take Your Adult Teaching Classes to the Next Level?

You already know which areas of your course need ironing out now. You know deep down the areas you struggled with too, whether that’s with your delivery, your confidence or even just the way you engaged with your students.

Which can all be worked on, polished and taken up a gear to help you improve your teaching practice in as little as a few weeks with TEA.

And, of course, you’ll have the full support of our founder Danielle and the TEA community group behind you. So what’s stopping you from signing up today?

Hit the button below to start improving your lessons with TEA; once you join, your new login details will be emailed to you, and you’ll be ready to start learning in minutes.

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We hope to see you on the other side and welcome you to the TEA community. If you have any questions about anything we do, feel free to drop us an email or pick up the phone, we’ll be happy to help.

Danielle Lloyd

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