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Inclusive Teaching and Learning Techniques for Adults

An easy to digest Success Path to help you inspire more students with new methods, no matter their abilities.

The sign of a truly excellent teacher is one that can effortlessly adapt their teaching style, course content and approach to whoever sits in front of them.

As someone with an already thriving teaching career, you will, in all likelihood, come across students with varying degrees of skill level, perhaps even learning difficulties and special needs. As their teacher, it’s your job to ensure everyone leaves your class with the ‘wow’ factor, feeling engaged, excited and included in your lessons.

This can be a struggle, especially when you’re under pressure.

Introducing: the TEA Inspirational Teacher or Trainer Success Path

The TEA Inspirational arms you with a host of new methods and techniques to help you try new ideas and approaches to inject more excitement into your classroom.

Allowing you to easily make learning fun, using everything from technology to social media, in a way that motivates and inspires students irrespective of any learning difficulties or disabilities.

Split over five levels; the TEA Inspirational success path covers the following subject areas:



How do we cater for the differences in our students, including those that work faster, those that have more knowledge and those that already know the topic?


Constructive Feedback

We need to make sure that our students not only know what they have done well and what their areas for development are but also how to progress further.


Inclusive Teaching and Learning

Ensuring that all students can access learning in your lessons and courses irrespective of race, colour, ability, disability, religion or belief.


Technology and Social Media

We all need to be able to use technology and social media in our teaching ‘practice whether this is in the ‘brick’ face-to-face class or the ‘click’ online class.


Blended Learning

Some students will learn online and some face-to-face and some will attend a mixture of both. How do we do this and ensure good quality teaching and learning takes place?

Allowing inspirational teachers to:

  • Motivate and inspire all students no matter their abilities
  • Understand the ins and outs of inclusive Teaching and Learning
  • Give practical and motivational feedback
  • Find fresh new ideas and approaches, including using technology and social media
  • Mix online and face to face learning in a blended classroom

Plus, become part of the thriving TEA community. Speak to both newbie and established coaches, learn from their experiences and ask as many questions as you have in our private support group and bi-monthly live teaching and Q&A sessions.

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What’s Included?

Personalised, structured curriculum through our TEA success path.

Resources, templates and checklists.

Videos, workbooks and quizzes.

Live teaching / Q&A sessions.

Private community group.

The TEA Agony Aunt.

All delivered at a pace that suits you with full support from our trainers and the TEA community, with no timeframes or limits; simply dip into the resources as and when you need them to add an element of fun into your classes.

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Our Teaching Experience

Founder Danielle Lloyd has devoted her life to teaching, training and educating students in the educational field. Having taught and supported hundreds of teachers, Danielle has seen it all when it comes to education, teaching methods and inclusive training.

After 25 years of experience, she decided to share this knowledge and passion for teaching with others. The TEA is the first of its kind, launched specifically to help people who want to start teaching adults; everything Danielle does surrounds her core vision, to develop, support and inspire teachers to be the best they can be.

To ask Danielle anything about the TEA courses or content, feel free to email her directly at: or phone her on her direct number 07958369987.

anielle - TEA Inspirational Teacher

“It’s incredible to see you’ve reached this far in your teaching career. You’ve joined a big club of teachers in the exact same boat as you; you want to get better, you want to help more students, and you want to make it a new, novel and fun experience for you all.

Now it’s about how you find new, fresh ideas and how you can ensure every student, no matter their abilities, benefits from these new approaches”.

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“This course delivered a vast amount of knowledge, information and learning in a very organized and enjoyable way.”

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Inspirational teachers are, by their very nature, inclusive. They want everyone to learn, to succeed and to grow. One way to do this and to inspire even more students is to bring your lessons to life.

The TEA Inspirational has everything you need to target and tailor your lessons and course content while giving appropriate feedback and motivation for those who need it.

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