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Looking for an easy way to set the ground rules and
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Educating Adults – The Foundation Skills

Your fast-track route to teaching or training adults for the very first time. Get all the resources, support and practical tools you need to get your classes off to a brilliant start.

Teaching anyone for the very first time can be a daunting process. Where do you start, what do you do first, and how do you go from being passionate about a subject to successfully passing on your love and skills to another adult.

If you’ve considered getting into teaching or training for a while but have yet to get started, wouldn’t it be helpful to know precisely how to go about doing all this, from structuring your lessons to creating course content – the lot?

Allowing you to focus on running your teaching or training business or building up your skills in complete confidence that you have everything under your belt to successfully and confidently teach your new students everything you know.

Introducing: the TEA Trainee Success Path

The TEA Trainee Success Path gives you the tools, practical guidance and support to turn your hobby or passion into your own thriving training course or business.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to teach your clients on anything from marketing to finance, right through to workers in the charitable sector passing on your skills to help adults get into the workplace – the TEA Trainee Success Path is the clear, focused, fast-track route to begin teaching for the first time.

The TEA Trainee Teacher or Trainer Success Path is split over five levels and covers the following subject areas:


Getting to Know Your Students

What can your students do? What do they want to do? What do you want your students to be able to do by the end of the session?


Writing Your First Lesson Plan

Starting to put your ideas down on paper, so you know exactly what you and your
students are going to be doing during the session.


Getting Your Message Across

How can you teach in a way that your students will love, will learn and will keep them coming back for more?


Checking for Learning

How can you be sure that your students have learnt what you have taught them, are engaged with you and are progressing?


Contingencies, Contingencies

What do we do if there is a power failure, or you forget something? No problem because we have a ‘Plan B’!

Allowing anyone brand new to teaching and training adults to be able to:

  • Practically teach either online, face to face or a mix of both
  • Easily structure and set up a lesson
  • Confidently deliver core messages
  • Effortlessly pass on their love of what they do
  • Get the foundations of class teaching under their belt

Plus, become part of the thriving TEA community. Speak to both trainee and established teachers and trainers, learn from their experiences and ask as many questions as you have in our private support group and monthly live teaching and Q&A sessions.

All for just £120/annually or £12.50/month

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What’s Included?

Personalised, structured curriculum through our TEA success path.

Resources, templates and checklists.

Videos, workbooks and quizzes.

Live teaching / Q&A sessions.

Private community group.

The TEA Agony Aunt.

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Our Teaching Experience

Launched in 2018 after a lifelong career in teaching, founder Danielle Lloyd has seen it all when it comes to education, new teaching methods, and fashions.

After teaching and supporting hundreds of student teachers with their new practice over the last 25 years, Danielle decided to pull together the very best of these teaching methods into an easy-to-digest, fully accessible format here in the TEA membership.

The first of its kind targeted explicitly towards teaching adults, the support provided by TEA surrounds their core vision to develop, support, and inspire anyone who wishes to start to teach adults.

To ask Danielle anything about the TEA courses or content, feel free to email her directly at: or phone her on her direct number 07958369987.

“I remember the very first time I walked into a classroom as a teacher. I was prepared as I could be, but it was pretty daunting. Now, 25+ years on, I’ve come to realise that a community of support from my fellow teachers is what helped me continue in my career.

Support from other teachers and trainers in the same position as you can make the difference and give you the encouragement you need to push on; which is why I developed the TEA Membership Trainee Teacher or Trainer Success Path – to give new teachers the inspiration, motivation, tools and support they need to get started and keep going.”

What others are saying about our membership:

“Danielle gave me lots of confidence throughout the course ensuring everyone understood what was required of them, relaxed prosomal experiences of teaching which made the course interesting.”

Ready to Take Your First Steps into Adult Teaching?

If you’re still deciding whether or not to take the plunge, remember this. After just several weeks as a TEA member, you could be ready to take your very first class.

You’ll have your whole course content and lesson structure planned out, and you’ll feel confident in your new teaching skills, ready to pass on your passion and knowledge to your students,

And, of course, you’ll have the full support of our founder Danielle and the TEA community group behind you. So what’s stopping you from signing up today?

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We hope to see you on the other side and welcome you to the TEA community. If you have any questions about anything we do, feel free to drop us an email or pick up the phone, we’ll be happy to help.

Danielle Lloyd

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