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Like any course there needs to be some rules in place so that everything runs smoothly for all students. We hope you will adhere to these:

  1. When communicating within the chat group(s) be polite, caring and supportive. We are all in this course together and want the best for each other.
  2. No question or answer is a silly one. Let’s face it as you know, if one person is thinking something then others most probably are too!
  3. If I or the TEA team don’t come back and answer your questions straight away, bear in mind it might be the middle of the night where we are, and we are tucked up in bed!
  4. Please don’t sell or promote your own business on the chat forums.

If you wish to add a ground rule of your own, please let Danielle know by emailing her on Danielle@teateaching.com.