How to be a better Apprentice Trainer

Who is it for?

Trainers, Assessors or Mentors who are, or will be supporting, developing and assessing students through their Apprenticeship in their online classes.

What will you learn?

In this course we plan to share with you new tried and tested ideas to support you when training your apprentices.  We have talked to teachers, trainers, mentors, ALN specialists and functional skills tutors, to find out what you need in your practice to better serve your students.  How to keep them motivated and to ensure they truly engage with the best possible teaching to achieve the results they want.

Amongst other  topics we will be going through how to efficiently and effectively plan the programme of learning with the support of all stakeholders.  Different  and fresh ideas on passing on knowledge whether that be as a Trainer, a Mentor, an Assessor or any other role.  We are going to look at teaching one to one and in groups, differentiating online and the many, many ways of ensuring engagement in your class.  We will also show you different types of Technology that you can use, some for free and some at a small cost, which will save you your valuable time and money.

In common with all TEA courses, you have the added advantage of being able to go back over learning and re-visit any stage. The course will be available 24/7 to fit in with your requirements and the TEA Team are available to support you with your questions, queries and comments.

Have a look at the Course Outline below and see for yourself what is included. Not only will this course widen your online skill set, we are confident you will find the resources invaluable for your apprenticeship training practice.

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Lesson 1

Intro- duction

    • What is an apprentice?
    • What are the apprenticeship ‘Standards’?
    • The Levy 2017
    • What is “on the job’ and ‘off the job’ training?
    • What is End Point Assessment?
    • Different types of apprenticeship.

Lesson 2

Planning the Programme

      • The 7 stakeholders
      • Ensuring the Stakeholders are onboard
      • What the Stakeholders need to do and making sure they do it.
      • Initial/ Diagnostic Assessments
      • Putting it all together

Lesson 3

Teaching Apprentices

      • Teaching Methods
      • Facilitating Methods
      • Teaching 1:1
      • Inclusivity
      • Equality and Diversity
      • Communication Skills

Lesson 4

Mentoring Your Apprentices

      • The mentoring role
      • The mentoring cycle
      • Listening and challenging
      • Sharing experiences
      • Telling stories

Lesson 5

Different- iation in the Online Class

      • Apply the 3 key pillars of differentiation
      • Use a variety of differentiation strategies
      • Using differentiation as an assessment tool.

Lesson 6

Ongoing Assessment Online

      • Monitoring Progress Efficiently
      • Target Setting
      • Barriers to Progress
      • Reviews from Stakeholders
      • Triangulation of Evidence for AOs.

Lesson 7

Ensuring Engagement in Your Online Class

      • Keeping your students engaged in learning using the 3 presences
      • Ensuring you have a Plan B
      • 50 ways to ensure engagement

Lesson 8

End Point Assessment

      • The Gateway
      • Pros and Cons of Observation
      • Questioning Sills
      • Active Listening Skills
      • Body Language
      • Checking Criteria

Lesson 9

Using Technology Tools

      • How to select technology, hardware and other IT requirements
      • How to use your budget wisely (If you have one)
      • Browser V Download
      • Checklist of technology tools to match teaching, learning and assessment

Lesson 10

Teaching Kinaesthetic type Learners Online

      • 4 Types of Kinaesthetic Learner
      • The Kinaesthetic Learner Quiz
      • Linking the Kinaesthetic Leaner to the Teaching Method.

Bonus Lesson

Creating and Editing Videos

      • Creating your first video
      • How to edit that video
      • Adding text and sorting out the sound
      • Exporting the video
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What Our Students Say…

“I liked the range of ideas for online teaching and the choices of all the apps, software and creative ideas to use”.


“I picked up some practical ideas I have used in my teaching already”.


“I have already used the whiteboard that I learnt about in last nights webinar, thank you for all your help with this.”