How to be a better Online Teacher

who is it for?

Teachers or trainers who are, or will be, delivering either blended or online classes


  • Moving your course online and setting up your onboarding process
  • Creating, designing and organising your synchronous, asynchronous or blended online course
  • Using different online and blended teaching methods to ensure your students learn and progress
  • Apply a variety of online differentiation methods to ensure inclusion in all your sessions
  • Be sure that learning takes place in all your online/blended classes with practical tools
  • 50+ ways to keep all students engaged throughout all your sessions
  • Technology tools to aid teaching, learning and assessment in your blended class

In common with all TEA courses, you have the added advantage of being able to go back over learning and re-visit any stage. All webinars will be recorded so if you can’t be there on the night then you can send in any questions and catch up later.

Have a look at the Course Outline below and see for yourself what is included. Not only will this course widen your online skill set, we are confident you will find the resources invaluable for your teaching practice.

Lesson 1

From the Brick to the Click Class

    • Moving your teaching online
    • How to keep things simple
    • Imagine the total learning experience from the perspective of the online student
    • Set up your Onboarding process

Lesson 2

Getting To Know Your Students

      • Why this is incredibly important in the online class
      • Deciding what information you need
      • How to access this information
      • How to use this data in your online class

Lesson 3

Plan and Organise Your Online Course

      • Develop your course strategy
      • Create your course Content
      • Construct and organise your online course

Lesson 4

Apply Online Teaching MEthods

      • Apply 5 of the most commonly use teaching methods successfully in the online class
      • Use traditional teaching methods with technology
      • Ensure your teaching methods invite engagement, motivation and progression.

Lesson 5

Differentiation in the Online Class

      • Apply the 3 key pillars of differentiation
      • Use a variety of differentiation strategies
      • Using differentiation as an assessment tool.

Lesson 6

Assessment in the Online Class

      • Ensure learning takes place during your online class
      • Set criteria for your online class
      • Define 12 practical ways to assess your online class.

Lesson 7

Ensuring Engagement in Your Online Class

      • Keeping your students engaged in learning using the 3 presences
      • Ensuring you have a Plan B
      • 50 ways to ensure engagement

Lesson 8

Build and Maintain a Community

      • Why we really need one
      • How we build one
      • How we maintain engagement

Lesson 9

Policies and Procedures

      • Safeguarding in the online class
      • Embedding E & D in your online class
      • How GDPR affects your online class

Lesson 10

Using Technology Tools

      • How to select technology, hardware and other IT requirements
      • How to use your budget wisely (If you have one)
      • Browser V Download
      • Checklist of technology tools to match teaching, learning and assessment

Lesson 11

Running Your Own Classes

      • What to offer
      • Pricing your courses
      • Marketing your courses

Bonus Lesson

Creating and Editing Videos

      • Creating your first video
      • How to edit that video
      • Adding text and sorting out the sound
      • Exporting the video

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What Our Students Say…

“I liked the range of ideas for online teaching and the choices of all the apps, software and creative ideas to use”.


“I picked up some practical ideas I have used in my teaching already”.


“I have already used the whiteboard that I learnt about in last nights webinar, thank you for all your help with this.”