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Differentiation in the Online Class Webinar Video and Workbook


Differentiation is a long word which often confuses people, and in my experience a lot of teachers either don’t realise they are doing it or don’t do it as well as they could.  In a nutshell Differentiation means different.  Changing your teaching to suit your students’ needs and preferences.  Now we need to be differentiating in the Brick class as well as the Click class too and this can be even more difficult because you may be teaching asynchronously or even just by webinar.  In this Webinar and Workbook we will be looking at:

  • The difference between Synchronous and asynchronous Differentiation
  • Using Content, Process and Product to Differentiate
  • A variety of Practical methods to differentiate in the online class
  • A variety of online Tools to use to differentiate.

If you are new to teaching online or just want some support to improve your differentiation techniques in our online class, then this is the Webinar and Workbook for you.  Here, I will show you step by step how you can practically integrate differentiation into your online classes and of course you will be able to download the recording of the video for later viewing.

PLEASE NOTE:  This is a recording of the most recent Webinar that took place.

What our students say:

“Packed with fantastic tips and knowledge,  Encouraging and motivation to try new things.  Loved your personal stories and insights.  I have list and links of things to explore.”  Anne Stanton

“Thank you – Lots to do with this new knowledge” S Wellington

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