Terms and Conditions

Teaching Entrepreneur Association (TEA)

We aim to have terms and conditions that are easy to understand. However, should you have any questions please contact us for clarification, we would be delighted to help.  In using the Teaching Entrepreneur Association Website, you are deemed to have read and agreed to these Terms and Conditions.

What you are buying.

Membership is to admit one person to the Teaching Entrepreneur Association Membership website, and cannot be shared or transferred. Membership must be allocated to a named Member at point of sale.

For bulk licences, you are buying a pre-agreed number of memberships to admit only that number of Members to the site.  These memberships will be allocated individually to named members at the point of sale and cannot be shared or transferred.

Each Membership includes:

  • Access to all of our online courses and workbooks (with new courses being added on a regular basis)
  • Essential teaching and business toolkit of downloadable resources and materials
  • Access to select and purchase from a programme of day courses, talks, events and meet-ups at varying locations and dates, to be confirmed by TEA
  • Access to experienced professionals for general advice, and the opportunity to develop this into paid mentorship
  • Access to the Staffroom to share ideas, problems, tips and stories with fellow independent teachers
  • Opportunity to become a trained and professionally competent teacher and to develop this, if required by paying to enrol on our AET qualification courses.
  • Access to the TEA Facebook group.

Payment and pricing

Payment is required at the time of purchase with the fee payable monthly or yearly, both by direct debit.

Once enrolled as a member, the fees will remain static for the duration of that uninterrupted membership. However, TEA reserves the right to raise the fees for new members and should an existing member leave, then re-join, they will be subject to the appropriate fee-rate at the time of re-joining.


We understand that your circumstances can change so if you wish to cancel your membership, login to the TEA website (www.teateaching.com) and go to the bottom of the Members’ area. To the right of the screen is the cancellation button.  Select it, and your membership will be terminated immediately and you will no longer be charged.


TEA does not refund, either partly or in total, the membership fee in any circumstances.

Event Cancellation

There may be occasions when, for various reasons, TEA may have to cancel a programmed event.  Decisions about the viability of events or courses will be made two weeks before the start date of that event or course and, if cancelled at this stage, you will be notified by e-mail. We therefore strongly recommend that you do not book, prior to a fortnight before the start date, any transport or accommodation that cannot be refunded, as TEA cannot accept liability for any costs incurred by intended attendees in the event of cancellation.


We respect your privacy and you can access our privacy policy via the TEA website. www.teateaching.com

Expectations of Members

TEA requires that its members conduct themselves with professionalism, integrity and with respect for others.

Submissions to the TEA Facebook Group should not:

  • Be discourteous, false or defamatory
  • Be obscene, vulgar, abusive or threatening
  • Harass or discriminate on the basis of age, disability, sex, gender, race or religion
  • Violate the privacy, confidentiality or mis-use the personal information of others
  • Contravene copyrights, trademarks or intellectual property rights of others, use any information whatsoever, or behave in such a way as to contravene federal or state laws
  • Contravene the terms and conditions of Facebook
  • Advertise any goods, services or other organisations
  • Promote chain letters, surveys, pyramid schemes or similar
  • Be used to obtain information for competitors on any topic whatsoever.
  • TEA retains the right to administer and monitor use of the Facebook group and to remove posts at its discretion.

Should members contravene any of the above, or otherwise behave in a manner that is deemed to be in anyway inappropriate, TEA reserves the right to remove posts, and, at their discretion, cancel membership forthwith without refund.


Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in TEA materials, TEA makes no warranty as to the accuracy or sufficiency of information, including that posted on the Facebook group by any party. It also makes no warranty that the group or any technology associated with it, in whatever capacity, is free from viruses or any other similar destructive devices.

TEA does not endorse the recommendations of contributors to the members’ areas and members’ views are their own.

Limitations of Liability

TEA, its members, directors, employees or other representatives or agents of any kind, shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage of any kind arising from or related in any way to, the content of the TEA website, materials, groups, third party recommendations or accessing of third party sites via the TEA website.