Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions of use have been written in plain English and are intended to be easy to read and understand.


Provider – Teaching Entrepreneur Association (TEA teaching), the company providing the online service.

Customer – The individual or organisation purchasing the online service. Subscription – One payment in return for access to the online course.

Resources – Documents, files and video available via a one off fee.

1.0 Usage
Customer agrees to use the online course(s) for personal use only. Customer may use all resources so long as these are used for their personal teaching practice. Customer may not copy or publish any resources where TEA teaching is identified as the publisher and copyright holder.

2.0 Fee
Customer agrees to pay the course fee in full at the time of joining. Fees cannot be cancelled part-way through the course and no refunds for partially used course(s) can be made. In the event that the fee is not made, Provider will suspend access to resources.

2.1 Login details
Login details are provided for the sole use of Customer. Customer agrees not to share login details with any third party.

3.0 Access
Provider will make resources available using online services. Provider will take every care to ensure that the online services are available at all times. Customer acknowledges that access can sometimes be temporarily unavailable due to technical difficulties beyond the control of Provider, for example a temporary loss of internet services.

4.0 Personal Liability
Customer accepts personal responsibility for any resources used in their teaching practice.

5.0 Copyright
Provider retains and asserts copyright on all resources. Provider confirms that Customer may use resources whilst there is an active course. Any resources used by Customer must identify provider as the copyright owner.

6.0 Publication of Resources
Customer agrees to not publish resources on platforms that can be accessed by users who are not their students.

7.0 Dispute resolution
If customer has any concerns or complaints, they agree to advise Provider in writing. Provider will respond within 5 working days.

8.0 Governance
These Terms and Conditions are subject to the laws of England.

©Teaching Entrepreneur Association 2020