The TEA Newbie Teacher or Trainer

Looking to improve your teaching practice and develop
a course that will keep students coming back for more?

Lesson Planning & Teaching Adults

A straightforward way to take your training skills and course up a gear. With all the support you need to improve your technique and develop your confidence.

So, you’ve taken your students through their first handful of workshops or lessons – well done. Getting your first few classes out the way is a huge hurdle any new coach has to break through, and you’ve done it!

Many Newbie teachers find that they really enjoy their first classes once the nerves go, so how did they go for you?

They often give you a chance to test out your approach and teaching style and discover any teething troubles when it comes to your course content. If this sounds familiar, how would a tailored course targeted at this very stage of your teaching career help you?

Designed by adult educators to give you the tools to successfully set up your course, with laid out lesson plans and a way to assess your students properly.

Introducing: the TEA Newbie Success Path

The TEA Newbie Teacher or Trainer Success Path gives you the templates, practical guidance and peer support you need to further develop your lessons into classes your students will love, come back for more, and often pay more for.

Whether you’ve already taken one or two classes, have experience as a teaching assistant, or you’re an entrepreneur involved in Continuing Professional Development – the TEA Newbie Teacher or Trainer Success Path will give you the information you need to continue your teaching practice.

Split over five levels; the TEA Newbie Success Path covers the following subject areas:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5


Initial Assessments

Find out the starting point of your students to effectively plan and tailor your teaching to your student’s needs and expectations.


The Teaching Cycle

Understanding the structure of where each lesson starts with the 5 stages of the Teaching Cycle, and you’ll never go wrong.

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Aims and Learning Outcomes

This is what you want your students to achieve with your overarching Aim for your lesson and then break it down into learning outcomes showing how it will be achieved.

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Teaching Methods

How do we mix up our teaching with a variety of activities so that our students remain interested and engaged with us and really learn and progress?

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Lesson Planning

Writing a well thought out, well-structured lesson plan will ensure that you cover what you need to cover, discuss what you need to discuss and help you be more effective.

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